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Term 4

What a super start to the term! We have had so many furry, spiky and slimy visitors to our class. The Hedgehogs have loved meeting all the different pets that people have kindly brought in. We worked as a team to build a ferret enclosure for Chuckles (Mrs Rickard's pet), which he loved. The children all impressed us with how gentle and caring they were towards all the animals. We have even been lucky enough to pop to the neighbouring farm to meet the lambs and calves. 

Now the attention has moved on from animals to ‘Police and Detective Work’! The children have been building police stations in our deconstructed role play, so our learning has gone in this direction.  The children were met with a crime scene this week; someone had stolen our music player and not only that, it looked as if they’d been disturbed while making a cake in our classroom! The Hedgehogs set to work interviewing people and looking for clues! The case is still to be solved…

We had a visit from the police! The Hedgehogs had a great afternoon exploring their van, looking at the equipment and having a go at using the sirens!

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