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Term 2

The Hedgehogs have had a great start to the term.  The first few weeks were filled with Halloween and Firework activities. The Hedgehogs had fun pumpkin rolling, carving pumpkins and making spells! We made time travel hats and went back in time to find out about why we celebrate bonfire night.


The Hedgehogs have also used their time travel hats to go back in time to 1970 where we found an old dress making kit. This inspired the Hedgehogs to have a go at sewing which led to one Hedgehog suggesting we plan a wedding…so that’s what we are doing!

Picture 1

The Hedgehogs have also time travelled to the time of the dinosaurs and found some dinosaur eggs. One had already hatched and the other we are hoping for it to hatch soon!!!

The wedding!

The wedding! 1
The wedding! 2
The wedding! 3
The wedding! 4


Posting letters to Father Christmas