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Book Week October 2013

 Book week from   21st October-25th October  


Book Fair 21st, 22nd and 23rd October 3.15-4.00 in the School Hall

Author Visit- Antony Lishak

A great opening to our Book Week!

I am sure it has inspired some budding authors.


" We said 'Abracadabra' and the author made two books out of one-just like that!" -Fraya

" We all blew and nearly blew him over."- Ellis

" I liked it when he called me 'Hulk'." -Miles

" I liked it when he checked our work." -Thomas C

" I liked it when we went up the front with the author."- Elena

" It was fun because it made me laugh!"- Ocean

" He takes small stories and makes them bigger."- Alice

" It was fun because he was telling us about his stories and his experiences." Charlotte Py



Book Characters and Book Trail

Book Characters and Book Trail 1
Book Characters and Book Trail 2
Book Characters and Book Trail 3
Book Characters and Book Trail 4

Well done Team Green 1. You were the winners with 16 correct out of 20. 

(Declan, Charlotte, Tavis, Holly, Freya, Andrew, Atty and Charlie)


Book Cover Competition


YR- Lara

Y1- Fraya

Y2- Ellis

Y3- Graham

Y4- Daniel

Y5- Gaby

Y6- Charlotte


Who all received a book from the book fair. Well done!